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About Us And the Website

Who We Are?

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What Are We Doing?

Children of fragmented families should not grow up in worse conditions than other children. The separation of parents inevitably affects the lives of children, but child support is important for at least the monetary reduction of these negativities.

The fair implementation of child support that the child needs is, of course, only through the fair sharing of the financial support between the parents.

A reliable health insurance system must also exist. It is an important task to ensure that future generations are not adversely affected by the divorce and separation of their parents. We’re trying to do our part on this mission.

We are trying to fulfill this task by giving easy-to-understand information about child support, alimony, child custody, divorce and family law.

You should also refer to the following pages for more information about this website: Contact Page, Privacy Policy.


We do our best to help you find the issues you need in family law and child support on this website. Still, some information may be old and outdated. Against this possibility, please click on the new links on our pages and don’t ignore them to reach the latest information.

When you come across information that needs to be corrected and updated, feel free to let us know.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here, at all times. Some information may even be completely wrong. This site cannot provide legal orientation and guidance, alone. We, therefore, recommend that you act with a family law attorney.

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About Us And the Website