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5 Points on Hiring a Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer

pro bono child custody lawyer, 5 points on hiring

Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer

What is a Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer? Dealing with the process of fighting for the custody of your child can be exhausting. The fear of losing this custody can stress you hard too. So, a child custody lawyer is a must to have by your side in such cases. Sadly, when you look up these lawyers you will see that they are not actually cheap to hire. If your financial status is in a tight spot, the typical cost of hiring a child custody lawyer can be too much for you, which will frustrate you even more. Fortunately, there is another way and you can read about it down below;

A child custody case comes with many expenses that can be quite high. Besides the expensive legal fees, the cost of hiring a child custody lawyer can be so high that you may lose all hope. These lawyers not only paid with high hourly fees but also take an upfront payment called “retainer” for the cost of legal processes. If these expenses together are too much for you, there might be two alternatives for you.

Without a Child Custody Lawyer

With a limited budget in a custody case, your first option can be “pro se” which means representing yourself without a child custody lawyer. If you are confident about your defense you may think this a good option for you. However, most of the time it is not. First of all, you should consider if the other side in the case has a decent child custody lawyer. If so, they would have a stronger claim in court for sure. It would be a case quite one-sided. Therefore you should close this difference by hiring a child custody lawyer as well. But what if you don’t have the necessary fund? This is where your second option can help you; finding a “pro bono child custody lawyer“.

What is Pro Bono

Came from Latin, the term “Pro bono” is used for works done without payment voluntarily. The main difference between this kind of work from the usual voluntary work is that Pro bono refers to the work done by the professionals of the specific services for helping people that cannot pay for the fees. And, there are Pro bono child custody lawyers as well. Actually, lawyers who work for most of the top law firms are required to take a certain amount of pro bono cases every year.

Finding a Pro bono child custody lawyer

First, you can apply to legal aid offices for help in custody cases. These offices can offer you offer free legal guidance. Probably they will advise you to ask for pro bono services from certain lawyers. But you should also do your own research. You can find these lawyers online with attorney finding services and through the help of online law communities.

You can write a short summary of your situation and send it to the lawyers you find. A Pro bono child custody lawyer helps many mothers and fathers in custody cases all the time. So, don’t be shy. Contact as many lawyers as you can. The custody case you will be dealing with is vitally important these lawyers know this fact very well. They will understand. When they accept your pro bono service request they will contact you back.

Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer

Many corporate law departments show their support for pro bono services openly. So, it is quite possible that the pro bono child custody lawyer you find to be a corporate law expert but doing family law cases as well. So, you may wonder if there is any problem with this.

Even though these lawyers are qualified for dealing with such cases by any means, you just might want to be certain that the lawyer who will be representing you in a vital custody case is prepared enough to deal with custody cases. You can ask directly about their familiarity with Family Law and custody cases. They will tell you anything you need to know.

Pro Bono Or Not, Choose The Child Custody Lawyer You Can be Comfortable

Most of the time, parents who are looking for a Pro bono child custody lawyer can be feeling like they should compromise about how selective they are, just because the service is free. This way of thinking is a serious mistake. No matter what is the case, you need to be able to feel comfortable with your lawyer.

You should be able to talk with your child custody lawyer about their ideas or strategies you didn’t like. And you should have good communication with your lawyer. The relationship you have with them is the key to success in the court.

So, during your research, do not settle with the first pro bono lawyer you find. Continue searching and do interviews with the child custody lawyers. When you talked all the lawyers you find, you can compare them and choose the one that you feel comfortable talking to about in your case. Again, remember that this relationship is critical for winning the custody of your child, don’t choose your lawyer in a rush.

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5 Points on Hiring a Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer