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Child Support Lawyer Will Ask These 10 Documents From You

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What Child Support Lawyer Will Ask

Filing petitions for child support orders require you to prepare some documents. Of course, your Child Support Lawyer will help you with these documents. Probably, during your meetings, your lawyer will give you a list and ask you to prepare these documents. So, making them ready beforehand always makes the process much faster. Down below you will find the 10 documents that you will need to prepare;

10 Documents Your Child Support Lawyer Will Need

1- One of the first things your Child Support Lawyer will ask from you is your pay records. These records will be used during the process that the court determining child support. You should prepare these records at least for the last two years or even more if it is possible.

2- Any recent change regarding your employment status should also be documented and included in your file. These changes can be both positive way or negative way. You may lose your job, find a new one, or get a promotion. Your Child Support Lawyer will know how to use it for your benefit.

3- Similarly, you should also gather your Tax returns at least for the last two years or maybe longer. Those will also be needed during Child Support calculations.

4- You would need to get ready any documents about the lands, houses, or other assets you own. Try to put together the purchase records and bills for these assets. Your Child Support Lawyer

5- Some people may have investments such as stocks or bonds. Just like properties, if you have these kinds of investments you should gather the records for them as well. Retirement accounts also count as investments. So, you should include your records for these accounts too. Your Child Support Lawyer can make good use of these papers.

6- Contrary to documents up until this point, you also have to show the amount of debt you have. You should provide your Child Support Lawyer with all the documents on your outstanding debts as well as any change in the status of debts like bankruptcies.

7- If your child support or divorce case is ongoing for a while, you may have some previous order documents from earlier, such as a divorce decree. Your Child Support Lawyer will need all the previous court documents regarding your case.

8- Needless to say, your Child Support Lawyer will ask for the paternity records. Still many people forget to prepare these records beforehand. So, you should get your paternity records ready too.

9- Similarly, the child in the support case might be an adopted child of yours. In such a circumstance, you should have certain documents regarding the adoption relation between you and the child. you should provide your Child Support Lawyer with these papers too.

10- If there is a child support order from a previous case, you may have been paying or receiving child support for a while. In this is the case for you, you should have all the past payments documented and put the papers into your file.

Extra Forms Your Child Support Lawyer Can Ask

In addition to all the documents, you may have some particular extra forms you have filled out for the support case. Even if they seem useless to you, you should get all of these forms together for your Child Support Lawyer. Your lawyer may find a point that matter.

The ten documents you need to prepare for your Child Support Lawyer are only these so far. Although it is not exactly a document, it’s worth mentioning. In addition to the paper above you will need to arrange a “Retainer” money before your Child Support Lawyer starts to work on the case. The term “retainer” is just a name used for a certain amount of money you pay to your lawyers before cases.

They use this money for expenses during the case such as filing fees, or even laboratory tests in some cases. When the expenses exceed the retainer, your Child Support Lawyer will send you a bill and ask for more money. Some lawyers give back the leftover money from your retainer while some don’t. You can ask your lawyer about this when they tell you the retainer amount.

More Info:

You can find more information about the Documents the child support lawyer will ask from you on this website. While browsing the site, you may be interested in other Child Support related topics and you may also want to learn about them. Remember, the more knowledgeable you are on this subject, the more advantageous you will be.

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Child Support Lawyer Will Ask These 10 Documents From You