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How Much Will a Child Custody Lawyer Cost Me?

Child Custody Lawyer Cost, How Much Will Cost Me

Child Custody Lawyer Cost

During a child custody case, many factors affect the overall cost. Many additional expenses may become necessary while the case is ongoing. Therefore it is quite hard to tell the cost of the case before it even starts. Since a Child Custody Lawyer will ask for a retainer for the general cost of the cases upfront, their fees are directly affected by these expenses as well. So, you may be asking yourself, “How much will a child custody lawyer cost me?“. You will find the answer to this question here down below;

How Much Will a Child Custody Lawyer Cost

In fact, the cost of a custody case is not just the child custody lawyer cost. Although the majority of the cost of a child custody case is the fees of the child custody lawyer, other factors that will affect the total cost during such cases also must be mentioned.

The expenses in Child custody cases

Other main factors affecting the cost in custody cases, apart from the child custody lawyer cost:

Custody Dispute Type:

As you may already imagine, not all child custody cases are the same, and not all cost the same as well. While the cost of contested child custody cases is higher, non-contested cases are lighter costs. This difference changes the amount of child custody lawyer cost you will pay too.

If one of the parents is not willing to give up on the custody or even share it, the process will be harder, longer and of course, more costly. Such situations can add many expenses to the case such as child psychologists, excessive court time, filing motions, and depositions. Also, in such cases, the court goes for trials, which again, increases the child custody lawyer cost.

Expert and Specialist Fees:

In some particular cases, your lawyer can make use of the assistance of an expert or a particular specialist. A child psychologist, as we mentioned earlier, is a common example of this kind of assistance. Your child custody lawyer will reflect these professional fees to their bill. Sometimes, parents may want a custody evaluation. Such a process will require the parent to consult professional observations and conduct interviews. These additional processes can cost anything between $2000 and $6000. Unfortunately, these numbers can increase even more above tens of thousands, when a contested case is in question. Your child custody lawyer will tell you more about these details.

Fees in Child Custody Lawyer Cost:

Lawyers can determine their service prices independently. This means that every child custody lawyer can have different fees. So, it is impossible to tell a price here. But we can mention another thing about these fees.

Normally, each parent in the case is responsible only for paying the fees of their own child custody lawyer. Yet, in some cases, this can change. The court may order one parent to pay the other parent’s child custody lawyer cost as well. This kind of order is given mostly in situations where a parent has trouble affording the costs of the case.

The same request can also be given because of a severe disparity in the financial strength of the sides. To put it simply, this means that if one side is well richer than the other side, the court may order the richer side to pay the cost of the other side’s child custody lawyer.

Additional Expenses:

In addition to all the expenses we mentioned, including the child custody lawyer cost, there are still some more miscellaneous fees to pay. For example, the petitioner parent has to pay the sheriff about $30 for the service of the petition to the other parent.

Also, you will need to pay some amount for all the documents that will be filed in court. This filing fee can be low as a dollar or high as $300. So, you need to keep in mind that there can be more to pay during the whole case. You should find yourself a decent child custody lawyer to get help in dealing with all these expenses. Even though the lawyer you work with may seem expensive to hire now, they might help you spend less ultimately.

More Info:

If you need more information about Child Custody Lawyer Cost, you can get it by going to this website. During this browsing, you may find other information that may be more useful. In addition, fresh links to law firms that you can see on this page can provide you with the most up-to-date information.

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How Much Will a Child Custody Lawyer Cost Me?